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He broke up with me and then I was hooked on wearing diapers and using baby and toddler things and he trained me to play as a baby girl and suck my thumb and use bottles etc.

My condition is called Cerebral palsy or right hemiplegia. I will be more than happy to tell you what they were.

You can find out more about my disability if you go to the website. I can do quite a bit for myself but need a little help with others. I use Sensodyne toothpaste for my sensitive teeth, a electronic toothbrush, I have a crown on my bottom left tooth.

One of those is a mobility allowances this entitles to have a new car every 3 years under the scheme I guess what I'm looking for is a special mummy or dad for life,? I have typed out how I met her and her the only picture I have of her. Or if you know someone who is interested please can ask them to email me at the following: [email protected] [email protected]: I am single cannot accomadate but can travel I am looking for someone to treat me as the sissy baby I am and to humiliate and punish me and train me to their ways. I am on here to find a real time Mommy/Daddy, maybe a Dom sissy/tv that seeking their lil cute ab dolly to femdom and treat and train as a ab girl.

I would like to be raised strictly and loving but who spanks on the bare bottom and as a baby girl or boy I currently live in the? If any Mommy's or Daddy's like to chat with me my id on yahoo is cuitepiemelissa or [email protected] And if your in the uk you can txt or fone me 07791133017 P. Things I am Interested in: Forced feminisation, Being dressed in frilly sissy clothes, Adult-babies, Nappies or Diapers, Spanking, Bondage Humiliation in front of Women, Being controlled by Women and All Things girlie, sissy. Nappy, diapers, pacifiers, a small changing mat, a few onesies, footsie pyjamas, plastic pants, baby wipes and powder.

I also like playing with toys and I'm looking for other ab and dl to chat with.

His training stuck with me after trying to be more grown-up when off work.

When I am at work, it can be a struggle acting grown-up but was taught I am just acting at work and it is not the real me. I guess what I'm looking for is a special mummy or dad for life.

My ex-boyfriend made sure I kept behaving like this 2 years after we broke up so I would not stop and behave as a grown woman again.

My former boyfriend was with some on else by then and then married.

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Comments: Am a gay male 5'9' blue eyes average build seeking same my height or under.

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