Are funny women intimidating

However, regardless of how successful a woman may get, it is possible for her to carry herself in a way that allows anyone she is interested in to feel comfortable around her.

Here are a few things about women that make them so intimidating to men.

Let's start with the good news: Men are more like George Clooney than we think.

Okay, so they're not all silver foxes cashing in major millions for blockbusters, but men actually are attracted to the Amal Clooneys of the world. In fact, men prefer smart women over busty bosoms or phat asses.

However, as much as all men are happy that women are getting the best opportunities, these women are becoming ever more intimidating to the men that are in their lives.

Men will hardly approach a woman that they feel is better than them in any way or has a physical or attitudinal aspect that makes her superior.

According to a study published in the British Journal of Psychology, men may actually prefer less attractive, feminine women, since attractive women are more likely to cheat. Men reject women who are insanely pretty, in fear of infidelity.

When faced with women who best them in smarts, they cower in intimidation.However, most of the things that make a woman so intimidating are things that every woman should aspire to develop, because everyone has the right to better him or herself.Some women can deliberately set their sights on becoming better than every man around them, for them to become as successful as possible.However, other women do not even know that they intimidate men because they see their success as a good thing, something that their men can find to be of great value and assistance in their relationship.Every woman should try her very best to develop the following attributes, but she should realize that every decision she makes has a consequence.

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