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NICE recommends it's done between 10 weeks and 13 weeks.

You will have had earlier appointments and may have had an early scan if you've had any concerns such as bleeding, but otherwise this is the first time you'll get to see your baby, so it's a real milestone in your pregnancy.

To avoid the invasive procedure, you can wait for the ~ at week 18-20, which can pick up some mild indicators of abnormal growth.

Based on all these indicators, the doctor or genetic counsellor will help you with the diagnosis and the further course of action. When you'll have your ultrasound~ (18-21 weeks)3D and 4D ultrasounds ...

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Specialising in pregnancy scans, ultrasound, musculoskeletal ultrasound, Medex offers some of the most modern radiology facilities in New Zealand and is due to the increasing variations in fetal size, ultrasound dating is less accurate.

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~Also known as the 20-week scan, this is carried out between week 18 and week 20.

It's a longer scan than the dating scan as the sonographer will be looking at your baby's growth and development in some detail.

At this scan you may also be able to find out the sex of your baby. Fetal anomaly scan Detailed ultrasound scan: 18 - 20 weeks 6 days Invasive diagnostic tests ...

The sonographer will look closely at the spine, nervous system, abdominal wall and major organs.

With twins, this will take twice as long, as there are two babies to check.

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