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I have had a problem with destiny tracker the past few days.

Elo and mostly all my stats will not update for atleast 5 days, and when they do games will not show up.

Using another destiny stat tracker my elo placing is around 200th: Beast The Duck/9But in destiny tracker im placing around 2000: Beast The Duck I know the formula is different but more than a 1000 places?

I had windows 8.1 pro and I upgraded to windows 10.

I have Punk Buster installed because some games do it automatically without giving you a chose to not install it, so i just disabled it in because i do not use it and heard about it being a security risk. Hello guys, i am writting this because i am currently encountering a problem with the dragon ball xenoverse and i thought that you could help me solve this,the game keeps crashing and the error log shows this: - System when ever i launch Battlefield 3 on windows 10 pro.

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