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Manipulation can be one of the hardest types of abuse to approach, especially when it comes to teen relationships.What you see as isolation and manipulation leading to possible dating violence, your teen might see as love from a caring boyfriend.I'm also sure you never imagined that your daughter would be involved in an abusive relationship.Oh, you may have worried about other potential problems: pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and drunk driving.Talk about ways a relationship can be beneficial, such as mutual respect and feeling safe.Ask her if she feels this way in her current relationship and how her boyfriend makes her feel.List a few ways that you've witnessed your teen's boyfriend being manipulative.

I'm sure you never thought you'd be reading a book about teen dating violence.

Even if your teen seems defiant, it lets her know that you're on her side no matter what.

Step in if you feel that the relationship is becoming more serious and abusive, warns Healthy

Let her know that if the relationship ever becomes physically abusive that she can call you anytime, anywhere.

Or, let her know that when she's ready to break up with her manipulating boyfriend that you can be there for her.

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Everyone who has spent any time in the unpredictable world of dating has experienced an occasional misfire—a promising new relationship that suddenly fizzles without an obvious explanation. Romantic chemistry is fickle stuff at the best of times. Ditto backseat driving, comments on her fashion choices, or judgments about his taste in music.

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