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It’s about the underlying assumption that celebrity is fascinating, and that it is hilarious to dress famous people up in costumes that — get this! has compelling things to say about our global obsession with celebrity image-making, it’s almost assuredly by accident. It’s unclear yet whether whatever’s underneath them is magnetic enough to have lasting appeal.Little about this production seems self-aware enough to suggest its charming, interesting moments happened on purpose. The show has since been translated into several international iterations, where a performance from the Thai version went massively viral a few years ago.For a taste of the Korean original, you can watch a duet between “Fencing Man” and “Archery Girl,” or sample this milquetoast performance of “Tomorrow” from the musical as performed by a hesitant person in a cheerfully grinning, low-rent unicorn mask, who is then revealed to be Ryan Reynolds.There has been only one same-sex couple on the British show: Bisexual contestants Katie Salmon and Sophie Gradon were briefly coupled up in Season 2.

Singers who’ve been in the industry for years but have never broken through become characters in a story about hard work, about the myth that merit will always lead to success in the end.(All five seasons are available on Hulu.) Now, CBS is betting that audiences in the United States will do the same: Beginning Tuesday, episodes of an American “Love Island” will air every weeknight until the August 7 finale, offering viewers the salacious highlights of the couples’ dalliances in a tropical villa.Unlike the American dating shows that promise a path to the altar, there is a lot of partner swapping on “Love Island.” The group of singles spends the summer paired together as couples, and the show manipulates this simple formula to produce genuinely startling twists and turns: New contestants are brought in, the public votes to send uncoupled contestants on dates, people break up and then have to continue living in the same house. series, the comedian and Vine star Arielle Vandenberg will serve as host, and the narrator has not been announced. villa is on Fiji, the British and Australian setups take place on the Spanish island of Majorca.Would some celebrities only commit if they were guaranteed it’d only take up two days of their schedule? What I can tell you is that the whole thing feels like a warped, through-the-looking-glass vision of both what reality shows are and what celebrity is.I can also guess that if you’re the sort of person who would enjoy a show where maybe-Joey Fatone dresses like a straight-jacketed version of the rabbit from , where the identity-obscuring costumes were less elaborate and the singers performed for a much larger panel of judges.

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Increasingly, minor British celebrities or celebrity-adjacent singles find their way onto the island.

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