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They suggest, quite reasonably I think, that the canyon was formed when the Kaibab Upwarp acted as a dam for three lakes occupying much of Utah, Colorado, and northern Arizona. The flood of Noah necessarily becomes a local event with little impact on world-wide geology.

Bright Angel Fountain : This place is directly across the Bright Angel lodge, along the footpath overlooking the South Rim, there is a \'fountain\' that allows a great break from the midday sun.How could one year-long catastrophe account for all this sediment?Unfortunately, neither Christian conservative Old Testament scholars nor Christian scientists are in universal agreement.Phoenix itself was founded in the mids, by a Civil War veteran who took advantage of the Native American canals already constructed in the foothills.This can be observed throughout the Grand Canyon where the Tapeats Sandstone, a Cambrian formation estimated to be million years old, rests on top of any one of a number of Precambrian strata ranging from one to two billion years old.

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