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However, while the literature on consolidation may not provide a direct road map for making decisions, it does provide a useful overview of issues, together with estimates of cost savings and cautions for those going forward with consolidation.

Here is a summary of the major findings from the literature: Here is some of the most recent and publicly available research.

In retrospect, though, the set-up presented challenges.

"One president was out of town for most of the summer, so we couldn't get everyone together before school started," she says.

The Sterling Heights High School Jazz Band, under the direction of Anthony V. D, welcomed Governor Gretchen Whitmer to Warren Mott High School on June 3, where she hosted a Town Hall meeting to discuss roads, schools and her proposed 2020 budget.

Imbrunone, is one of six high schools in Michigan selected to perform at the 40th Annual Detroit Jazz Festival Labor Day weekend. The team of students won seven medals and received the Rising Star trophy in the K-5 division for the highest overall finishing position as compared to last year's tournament. WCS students were honored at the Festival of the Arts awards ceremony on May 6 at the Sterling Heights Senior Center.

The idea, says Tri-president Angella Anderson, was that parents would stay involved if they could relate to at least one person in charge.

Feasibility of School District Services Consolidation: Evaluation Report [PDF]Idaho Legislature, Office of Performance Evaluations. This report of the Idaho Legislature examined the feasibility of consolidating district services and found that consolidating three types of services—purchasing of supplies, transportation, and staff development—could yield potential savings.

The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Reference Desk is a service provided by a collaborative of the REL program, funded by the U. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

Schools' declining enrollments and budget shortfalls have only exacerbated a trend that has been remaking the public education landscape for decades. Even more startling are these numbers: For those same years, the average enrollment in public elementary schools grew from 89 students to 502.

As schools grow, parents feel more disconnected and their involvement diminishes.

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