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, how would you like to go to a movie Saturday night? Although she didn't know the young man standing before her in the college student union, she wouldn't accept his offer- at least not yet.Instead his inquiry needed to be directed to her father.This relationship may be built through shared activities or--in cases where the two do not live near one another-through letters and telephone calls.As we prayed about God's choice of a spouse for each of our children, we have focused on five areas of personal development that we feel are critically important-- person should demonstrate spiritual depth, a strong biblical character, financial responsibility, sexual and emotional purity, and the ability to lead a simple, practical life.The decision may seem hopelessly old-fashioned to you, but our choice grew partly out of personal experience; as teenagers ourselves, we had encountered some of the drawbacks and dangers of dating.I (Anne) dated, my heart became emotionally tied to my steady, which created wounds of rejection that lasted for years. One of the best ways we've found to do that is courtship.If a young man is interested in a young woman, he starts by praying about the relationship.With a go-ahead from the Lord and his parents, he then approaches the girl's parents.

But like so many things that we've tried or experienced as a family, courtship had brought us together in laughter and in tears, and it has encouraged us to pray.The parents and, if the young woman has a reciprocal interest in the young man, her father talks through courtship and its expectations with the fellow.Before a young man and woman actually begin courting, the girl's father and the interested fellow spend time getting to know one another.When we began our courtship experiment, we had no idea what to expect.We've experienced challenges--like the time one of our children became seriously interested in a person who, we later realized, was not the right choice in God's eyes .

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"As we've practiced courtship, our family has enjoyed more rewards than we would have ever dreamed possible.

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  1. My son is surrounded by love,” the “Blue Bloods” actress said to More magazine in 2011. “I’m happy I get to share with you my journey through many of the ups and downs that made me who I am today!