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n mid-August, couples and lonely hearts packed a Brooklyn basement to hear scientists make sense of something the crowd could not: love.

It was the 11th meeting of the Empiricist League, a kind of ad-hoc, small-scale TED Talks for scientists and the New Yorkers who adore them.

'I was fine until "Engage.” Then [crying emoji],' one user said.

'i'd be lying if i said i didn't scream when 7 of 9 came on screen!!!!!!

The trailer also sees more familiar faces returning, including Seven of Nine, played by Jeri Ryan and Data, played by Brent Spiner.

All of a sudden, Rudder, a one-time indie actor and rock star, had transformed himself into a dating laureate for the data age.

By assembling users’ clicks and keystrokes into one place and spending hours inside Excel, Rudder had found a way to articulate our humanity. In 2012 Rudder proposed a book based on his blog, and Crown outlasted nine other publishers with a seven-figure bid.

In an official CBS video shot at SDCC and released this week, the returning Trek veterans talked about Seven’s struggle was fun for me, and I missed sharing that with her and watching her learn how to be human again. People asked at conventions are you going to do another one, another movie. Subsequent to SDCC, Ryan has confirmed she will appear in more than one episode of Picard, but her comment above indicates she may have a more substantive role in the show, with an arc for Seven of Nine.

Are we going to see her on Earth becoming a housewife? And then when I learned what they has planned for Seven in this new world, you can’t turn it down.

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