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Most Tatar girls you meet will look/act essentially Russian.There are myths of them being fire-blooded, like redheads in the West, but really I don't take those kinds of old wives tails seriously.They don't have the extreme ninja costumes like in the Middle East, but I would still avoid girls dressed in traditional outfits - they'll probably respond out of politeness but it will only end in frustration.

Others wear traditional dress with headscarves and aren't open to 'outsiders'.They definitely do have a very interesting mix of white blood with a dash of Turkish features (dark hair, eyebrows, prominent noses) and with just a hint of Mongol look to them in the eyes and cheek bones.If you like mixed race the "pure" Tatar race is a nice mix.I did a quick google search for Tatars and Marat Safin turned up.Even somebody like Marat would say hes Russian FIRST, hence the rarity of hearing a Tatar saying hes a Tatar.

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