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There is also a missing part or twothe string holder cover that I see on most photos of old Swedes is not there and the pu and tone selector switches are missing the plastic caps I traded in a 2003 Epiphone Dot and 50 for the Swede and couldn t be happier. hello everyone, I like a lot of u lov my swede, big time, pulled it out after some years of dust collecting, doin other things and wow,how nice is that.

Hagstrom Swede, G L Legacy, Fender Telecaster MIM Trying to find the value of your guitar. I would love to know the tale of how this got to the states. my only complaint is the guitar is a little heavy for an old rocker like me but will never part with her. also since i hav this new lov affair im mighty curious as to the date of her birth.

Known colors: red, blue some turns more to purple than blue sparkle front, all black body and neck.

Guitars Thread: how to date a hagstrom Originally Posted by WAB74 Can you date a hagstrom from the serial number. No, Hagstroms can not be dated by the number alone.

I read recently that the first two numbers are the year, but this seems wrong to me at least sometimes. Hagstrom do publish a serial number book, but if my memory serves the money from the sales of the book goes to the Hagstrom workers pension scheme or something - so I think they ve asked for it not to be reproduced.

no idea where I read this - might be wrong in the details. I m not exactly sure what you mean by have to look this up. I ve found some websites most already listed in earlier postings in this thread but it s hard to figure out where to go. The shop I bought it at said there was only one previous owner.

From january 1925 until the summer of 1958 the main business of the Hagstrom company was based on accordions.

When I was younger a friend of mine had a black one just like this, but with a stop tailpiece.

If you tell me a number I can give you a year Sorry got not information on the numbering scheme of current Hagstroms Originally Posted by jules Originally Posted by fjabjr serial 873164 873- is a batch of 250 Swedes from 73 You can t tell anything from just looking at the numbers; you have to look this up Thanks for the reply. I ve emailed some folks over in Sweden who seem to know much about Hagstrom so hopefully they ll get back to me. The guitar definitely has its fair share of dings and scratches and finish issues.

But because the neck just plays so nice and the beast its heavy sounded so great, I didn t care what it looked like.

Known colors: red, blue some turns more to purple than blue, gold and sea foam green sparkle front, all black body and neck, mahogany front. Due to the fact that the custom fees were lower on acoustic, or in this case non electric guitars, most of the guitars were delivered without electronics and then assembled in teh US.

There was four different electronic units to chose from, P12, one pick up and two buttons, P24 two pick ups and four buttons, P26, and P46.

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