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Minton started at Edwardsville High School in 1905, aged 14.

The death was an emotional blow to Minton; thereafter, he refused to attend church and spoke against God, whom he blamed for his mother's death.

He was taken before a justice of the peace and fined three dollars, an incident he later credited with changing his outlook on life and sparking his desire to become a lawyer.

To accomplish that, and continue supporting his family, he traveled with his older brother Herbert to Fort Worth, Texas, to take a job at the Swift and Company meatpacking plant.

Before c1805 pattern numbers would usually be 'No 123' or 'N 123'; after c1805 numbers usually changed to ':123' or '.123' Thomas Minton c.1796 Minton and Poulson c.1796-1800 Minton, Poulson and Pounall c.1800 Minton Poulson and Co.

c.1801-2 Minton and Poulson c.1802-8 (second time) Thomas Minton c.1809-17 Thomas Minton and Sons c.1817-27 Thomas Minton and Son c.1824 Thomas Minton (second time) c.1824-36 Minton and Boyle c.1836-41 Herbert Minton and Co.

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