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The Warlock's BDSM pickups, brass bridge and weight give it a tone that rivals that of some of BC Rich's higher-end guitars, although there are some minor construction issues that are a slight cause for concern.The first thing you notice about this guitar is that the ever-popular Warlock shape has been adorned with a laser-cut chrome plate, in the shape of an exhaust flame (as the name suggests).At least some of these had necks and bodies which were made by Wayne Charvel, who was in the parts business at the time. The fingerboard is nicely wide, like you might expect from someone who, well, played flamenco!The Charvel necks would be carved on his machine and sent over the the B. Rich Bich was the last new design until the introduction of the Warlock in Six-In-Line It was at this time that the B.This plate offsets the 'onyx black' finish of the body to great effect, and certainly adds to the already visually striking Warlock design.Construction The Afterburner Warlock features a bolt-on maple neck, attached to an agathis body. Rich with a small tm at the bottom end of the script above the serial number. In some cases the serial numbers are some what meaningless. The neck plates were pre-stamped and pulled out of a box at random when it was time to install the neck onto the guitar or bass. This article needs additional citations for verification. Hi, I might be able to help you identify your guitar. This is a way too common and very anoying missconception. It has been my main guitar and plays and sounds great but I have no info at all and just recently became curious. Real all sorts of descriptions about the serial numbers but i do not understand in wich year mine was build. It's not worth anything on the collectors market, but if you're happy with the tone, feel free to play it. Not like there are not made in the usa, but again these people were looking to be put out of work. Hope you all understand that I was very much into the Hand Made production. Rich N I can't find any info about this guitar anywhere. Please if you can find anything out and email derectly i would appreciate it. The company briefly switched owners in the s before being acquired in the s by Hanser Music Group, a distribution company based in Hebron, Kentucky. Read this entire thread, still have no idea what I have. The top E and B strings are strung as unison pairs, and the G and D strings as pairs with a principal and octave string, in the manner of the top four courses of a twelve-string guitar.

Ironbird Following the Warlock was the radically angular Ironbird appeared in around , a guitar favored by Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. Most had the standard three-and-three headstock with pearl R logo; the Warlock and Stealth had the reversed six-in-line head, wile the Ironbird had the early angular six-in-line headstock. Rico turned to Westheimer and asked if he, meaning Cort of which Westheimer was part owner , would make the B. Raves and Platinums Soon thereafter Rico engaged a different Korean factory to begin producing the down-market Rave and Platinum Series guitars, this time, unlike the U. Another interesting Strat-style guitar from this period was the Outlaw, basically an ST-III with a series of holes drilled through the upper horn, like handles. No matter what the color of the guitar, the insides of the holes were always black. Serial B RED tremolo bar, triple pickup, triple toggle switches, String locking neck, tuning bridge. Not sure whether I want to part with it, but am curious to know it's worth. Rich would have the right to use the name, which it did.However, in the interim the decision was made to simply use the B.Listen to the Mockingbird Things began to evolve quickly from that point on. Some differences exist in reported accounts about who was actually responsible for the origins of the Bich design. Rich guitars were handmade, especially the neck-throughs, the production work involved a lot of handcarving, which was frequently done by skilled Mexican woodcarvers. Rich guitars were neck-throughs, however, some of the main models were also built with bolt-on necks.This hand-crafted element explains why so many variations often exist between the same models of early B. One of these was the Son of a Rich, which was basically a bolt-neck Bich.

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Rich name, which would henceforth be applied to all B.

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