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make a really nice omelet #58 – Practice makes permanent #59 – First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairiest chest #60 – Never give up, never remember #61 – That quirky lab assistant from NCIS just reminds me of you #62 – Whistle while you work #63 – Please remember to call us once in a while #64 – Get whatever job you want, just make sure it has health insurance #65 – Grow your own vegetables.It’s cheaper, I think #66 – It’s okay if you don’t come in first, just make sure you have health insurance #67 – Try to exercise regularly #68 – Sleep is important!

Since dramatic romances are often the main focus of these games and are necessary to lead the stories along their branching paths, you are expected to fulfill your obligation as a good sport and at least attempt to fall in love.

Dating simulation games demand extensive experimentation, trial and error.

They are built to anticipate and encourage that style of play.

#27 – Don’t eat too close to your bedtime #28 – Always check the card reader at ATMs before you swipe #29 – Medicine is not always the best medicine #30 – Always bring a war chest #31 – You’re young, you have your health, now is the time to take risks #32 – You can’t beat the whammy bar #33 – The solo from Kid Charlemagne is the greatest guitar solo ever recorded #34 – Peter Weller actually has a PHD in history #35 – It’s called masking tape for a reason #36 – Trust no one #37 – If you press the ignition too long you’ll just flood the engine #38 – The extended cut is the only cut worth watching #39 – They really stepped up the production value in Episode V #40 – Managing debt is just part of being an adult #41 – Run through the finish line #42 – What you do, when you don’t have to, will determine where you’ll be when you can’t help it #43 – When lifting weights, use proper form and a full range of motion #44 – Gas is cheaper in the suburbs #45 – Do what you love and the money will come #46 – Do it once, do it right #47 – Don’t skip the corners #48 – Eat plenty of carbs the night before a big game #49 – If the police are driving behind you, don’t give them probable cause to pull you over #50 – Try to drive in a way where you never have to use your brakes #51 – You can save bookmarks directly to your desktop #52 – A bird in the hand is better than a bird in the eye #53 – Pet every dog #54 – Have you ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad?

#55 – Liquor before beef, you’re in the clear #56 – Go ask your mother #57 – If life gives you lemons, parsley, onions, and eggs…

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Our goal is to complete the game’s main campaign, but additional funds gathered determine how much time we’re able spend on the game’s production.

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