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And for God’s sake get rid of that stupid master volume!#4: Traynor amps circa 1960’s through 1970’s These Canadian made hardwired amps are an unbelievable value.I dunno I think this amp could actually live up to its name.

The standard speaker version is also a steal @ 00 but to my ears the stock speakers are not efficient enough to reproduce accurately the many subtle possibilities of this amp. Vox basically took all the mods and options from all the model variants over the past forty years and put them into one amp.

Peavey told me awhile back that 6 months of steady use and you should change the tubes. #2: Gibson Lab Series Used price- 0 or less These Moog designed amps were very well made and quite dependable, but probably misunderstood for its time.

Lots of different eq settings were available, which made many guitarists feel (yours truly included) a bit overwhelmed.

Some Fenderphiles will also want to have their tech upgrade to the Blackface correct solid core cloth covered wire.

I will say again, the Blackface are the crowning achievement of Leo Fender Amp legacy. I highly recommend modding the high power Twins and Supers from the late 70’s they have an very desirable headroom, especially when Blackfaced.

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