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I’m part of the other 10%—a very elite club who have a persistent HPV infection, because for whatever reason, our bodies can’t fight off the virus. Also, you send her Christmas cards, and you don’t even really send Christmas cards.

Gardasil also protects against the HPV-6 and HPV-11 strains (the ones notorious for causing genital warts).

Even if you understand how common HPV is, getting a diagnosis probably won’t feel as shrug-worthy as it should.

A lot of scary unknowns get thrown at you, and you’ll probably find yourself wanting to make sense of them.

Sometimes this panicked sense-making leads you to blame someone.

Unless you’ve only had sexual contact with one person and that person absolutely, positively knew they had HPV and didn’t tell you, consider the following: Even with some serious investigative work and pattern-tracing, it’s pretty tricky to confidently solve this case. When all the facts indicate that blaming whomever gave you HPV is pointless and/or impossible, you might move on to blaming yourself.

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” Whenever someone asks me (usually in a medical setting) if I have any STDs (a.k.a. The CDC estimates that 80% of sexually active women will have it by the time they’re 50. people with great immune systems, are the most likely group to get HPV (which stands for human papillomavirus).

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