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If you need help, you might want to reach out to me and find out more about my coaching program.

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There are ways to work the new system of dating so that the system doesn’t work you.

I teach my clients how to do just that, and at times, I even do it for them by logging into their profiles.

To play the new dating game, you not only have to understand the other team, but you have to really know the playing field, and it has become challenging, confusing, and all too time consuming.

I’ve been dating for over twenty years (ten years for myself, ten by proxy) and can confidently say I know the app game pretty well.

Again, you don’t want Aggressive Abby and Brave Betty to beat you to the punch… If He Bites, Reel Him This might be the most important part of my app dating strategy and it’s one that I don’t see many people use.

Listen carefully because this is the golden nugget!

After you feel you’ve done a good job building a little rapport, close him for a coffee date like this, “Hey, it’s been great chatting with you but I have a pilates class at . Let me know and I’ll check back with you tomorrow.” By closing him but also leaving him at the height of impulse, you create what I call the “laid back close.” This strategy makes you seem somewhat indifferent (not overeager), but still allows you to take control and get yourself the date!

If you hate this idea, you will likely need to read my upcoming book, “Cursed: Why you are smart and savvy but bad at love and the 5 cures that can save you from heartbreak” because your problem likely runs deeper than your “swipe psychology”. ) Send Messages I am a big fan of old school rules like never texting a man first, and not asking him on a date.

However, those principles don’t apply before you meet!

Weeks, months, or years spent sorting, swiping, matching, and messaging often result in nothing but extreme dating fatigue, landing most women right back where they started when their membership expires.

Most clients who seek my help have nearly given up hope of making something online happen offline.

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It’s one of the main reasons I decided to change my coaching structure two years ago from single sessions to a six month program.

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  1. If your latest pump-and-dump is a pic con, and you didn't meet in a Dairy Queen parking lot to ensure his assets were up to your standards, you don't owe him anything when he shows up looking like he's using the same digital artists who did whatever they did to Britney Spears in these pics. If you care enough to shoot him a message to let him know you felt uncomfortable, do it; if he learns from this experience, it might save the next guy in line the hassle.

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