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Do not let their opinions govern how you feel about yourself, or how you treat yourself. Precious moments can now be stored forever, with a click.

The convenience of a digital camera in our phones has changed lives. Being able to record emergencies, accidents and incidents at a moment's notice are all advantages of a camera with video capacity which lives with you in your pocket.

If you're visiting a place or attending an exhibition, do not rush past everything, leaving the experience to your camera.

Focus on things and people with your own eyes, allowing your mind and senses to store the experience and your own responses to it. Do you prefer texting your friends to talking to them in person?

Part of that process involves presenting themselves in images as they wish the world to see them, in order to receive a response they hope to get, and while we are all guilty of this process to some extent, social media has transformed the politics of such performance into an addictive 'instant gratification' loop, accessible 24 hours a day.

Are you constantly checking the number of 'likes' on the images you post to social media?

Emails, messages and texts trickle into your life in a steady, inexhaustible stream.

We have become cyborgs, fused with our machines, plugged continuously into the Internet, connecting to the world and each other through a 24/7 freeway of social media platforms which include networking and blogging sites, image and video sharing sites, personal broadcasting and collaboration tools, widgets, social bookmarking and news aggregation and of course, virtual worlds and virtual reality platforms.

To help manage stress, we need to recognise our reliance upon this human-machine connection, and to come up with ways to use it to advantage without being devoured by it.

Can you remember the last time you left your phone in another room and forgot about it?

If all this sounds familiar, you're on the road to connectivity addiction.

Being 'connected' all the time may seem satisfying, but it can also overstimulate you.

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Massive memory cards allow storage of thousands of shots, without the hassle of film. If you find yourself haphazardly taking pictures of EVERYTHING, simply as a matter of course, or from a fear of 'missing something', you may have a problem.

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