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Much of the communication on Zoosk is done via personal messaging or an optional downloadable instant messenger.You can chat on social networking sites and Zoosk simultaneously if desired.

The first, called Second Look, allows users to re-review someone they previously said they weren't interested in.In other words, you can expect to find exactly zero swiping.Facebook enters the dating-service market years after competitors like Tinder and Bumble, but it starts with a huge advantage: Most people already have Facebook accounts.You can click the drop-down "Messenger Status" menu at the bottom of the online friends list to adjust your status to Away.The Away status signifies that you're online but don't wish to enter any Zoosk messenger conversations at that time.

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Even though you may select the Offline option, you'll still be able to see a list of Zoosk friends who are either available or away.

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