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I also got a letter yesterday that is maybe a law suit and I want to improve and move forward but I want all of this to be legal.

From the information you just supplied, I am assuming that there is a judgment out there on you and they are trying to collect or there is the initiation of a new lawsuit which you are presuming you will lose and then owe them money.

And while the written contract does indeed hold a tremendous degree of legal clout, it’s not always the end-all, be-all solution for every court case.

In fact, some contracts are considered void in special circumstances, such as when a person is believed to have signed the contract under duress.

Many of us have grown up believing in the general infallibility of the written contract.

The owner of the property, who grants the lien, is referred to as the What would you recommend? I own it and I have a friend that will lend me the money to improve.

I want to give them a lien on the house until paid.

A contract is not validly signed unless it is signed by each participant’s own accord and own free will.

This can lead to some loose definitions of duress, of course, but any type of coercion placed on a contract can indeed render it invalid; after all, that allows one person to take advantage of another person against their will.

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