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It is also located next door to Christ Church, Pennington and also a short distance from Pennington Hall, which was demolished in 1963 and is now Pennington Park. Helens Road became a very fashionable place for the wealthy middle class residents of Leigh to build their homes.Fairfield Fairfield was built in the late 1830s or early 1840s and was among one of the first houses on the road, its neighbour was Pennington House.The wealth of the Hayes family was reflected in their home at Fairfield.In the 1861 census the family employed four domestic servants; a cook and three house maids.The reason it was built was so the inhabitants of the house could enjoy an open green space away from the narrow terraced streets and mills a few hundred yard away – until they too caught up with St.Helens Road later in the 19th century as the town expanded.In 1894 the Local Board became Leigh Urban District when large parts of land belonging to the Atherton estate were incorporated.

Ann never married and she passed away at the age of 87 in June 1870.James was baptised on 13 January 1836, the same day as his mother’s funeral.As he is not mentioned in any later records, I assume he too passed away around the same time.When Elizabeth passed away in 1867 the ” and many businesses closed their shops as a mark of respect to her passing.In 1870 Thomas married again, to Elizabeth Sharp and they continued to reside at Fairfield.

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The house is certainly there on the Ordnance Survey map of 1845-49.

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