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Larry Tomczak of the “Here’s the Deal” blog is mightily concerned about this whole gay thing.We moved house about 3 weeks ago, half an hour away from our old town and only about 15mins further away from both sets of closest friends.The move is good for us as we are now a lot closer to dh's parish (he's a minister) so he's not on the motorway all day (sometimes making 3 trips or more a day) and we get to see him more.Meh, I'm just down and need to get it out of my system.I told my dh that I feel I'm fighting depression and he said jokingly 'Oh no you don't, I'm the one who does depression round here'. I'm so sorry Madmouse to hear you're feeling so bad you give such good advice to people here it's sad to read you suffering as well.

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