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I’m on the second reading of the bound proofs of and so far I’ve got five pages of notes. In the midst of all this, and with three chapters more or less written, I have to write an outline for my agent…which is a bit like writing your postcards six months before you go on the holiday.

Plus a few of the lovely people who won copies at my online launch parties have been reading and contacted me with their thoughts – thanks Mary for great info about dogs. Anyway, I’m really bad at it, all my writing skills leave me and I find it difficult to put two words together. Celebrated my birthday by going to see Measure for Measure at the Almeida Theatre, absolutely my favourite Shakespeare play…sex and death, vice and corruption all served up as a comedy.

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My computer ate a whole blog post the other day and I’ve failed to persuade it to regurgitate it, so instead here’s a little round up of some of the things I’ve been busy with..1) School visits.

It teaches you more about writing dialogue than any MA in creative writing.- Q: Miss, would you like to have interviewed someone in witness protection for your book?

(Brilliant question this, from a boy at St Aubyns School in Woodford)- A. Yes I’d love to talk to someone who’d had a similar experience to Ty and find out the details of their witness protection.

Three to be precise, getting used to talking about writing and books and having lots of eyes looking at me.

Don’t feel I’ve exactly cracked it yet, but I’m getting there.

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