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That’s why The Inner Circle has created a global vibrant community of like-minded singles. Hosted in some of the most sought-after venues around the world, we put on exclusive monthly events, meaning matches can become experiences, and your real-life love story can begin…This inspired David to create his own dating platform, one tailored to the lives of like-minded singles.It was cool to build snowmen and play snow fight together.On freezing days, you can do interesting things like ice skating. If you are a newbie like me in ice skating, after falling sometimes and making everyone laugh, you will learn how to balance yourself. Take a look at the weather forecast before going out. Wear tights to keep your legs warm and choose waterproof gloves.

My classmates accepted the cold and took selfies for their parents when the snow was falling.When biking, the wind will force you to peddle hard.Maybe you will become a supermodel after being in Holland.We will make sure to post you a little surprise to help celebrate!Our post address is: The Inner Circle Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10 1017 RR Amsterdam The Netherlands We host exclusive events at some of the most sought after venues around the world. For any questions and feedback, drop us a line at [email protected] more news and coverage by the media click here.

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It rarely snows in Holland, but in the winter of 2017, the snow was heavy for one week.

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