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User IDs/Passwords Required In order to submit OASIS records and/or access CASPER reports, users must have both a CMSNet (Verizon) User ID and a OASIS Individual Login ID to submit OASIS records/and or to access CASPER reports.

Both of these IDs and passwords are assigned to an individual and should not be shared.

HHAs seeking initial Medicare certification should contact Chris Benesh for information for submitting a test OASIS submission.

New HHA users should follow these steps to obtain the required accounts: Step 1: Use the CMSNet Online Registration application to request a CMSNet User ID.

Do not ever attached a copy of a Final Validation Report to an email.

CMS is implementing Internet Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (i QIES).

The CMSNet ID is needed to access secure CMS sites (e.g., submissions pages/reports) unless an otherwise secure connection has been established.

CMS You Tube Training Videos These training videos were developed prior to the OASIS-C Training Modules noted above.

Guidance includes item intent, time points for completion, response-specific instructions, data sources, and resources.

Each module has an accompanying set of Power Point slides that should be printed and available to the user prior to beginning each module.

Revoking the account of a user who no longer requires access permits the agency to request a personal login ID for an additional user.

Use the OASIS Individual User Account Maintenance Request to remove all access from an existing OASIS user.

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