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The GDPR’s stated objectives focus on the protection of personal information, “the free movement of personal data” and “the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons to the protection of their personal data”.Here are a few things that are particularly striking about the GDPR: While the stated objectives of the GDPR are grounded in values of self-determination and protection of privacy, among others, another point of view holds that the EU’s main motivation is much simpler: competitiveness.The EU has introduced significant reform to legislation aimed at protecting privacy, promoting competition and wrestling the ever-growing power out of the hands of the few.The GDPR, which came into effect in May 2018, replaced the European Directive 95/46/ec and introduced strict requirements for those that control or process the personal data of EU residents.This past fall, it was reported that representatives from Amazon, Apple, AT& T, Google and Twitter urged Congress to implement federal privacy legislation.There is a sense that privacy legislation is on the near horizon in the US.

The argument goes that a federal law would avoid inconsistent and overlapping legislation, as is the case with breach notification laws that vary across all 50 states.

Canada has also undergone review and change of some of its privacy regulation.

Canada has overlapping federal and provincial laws as well as sector-specific privacy laws (namely regarding personal health information).

The report included several significant recommendations including measures to improve algorithmic transparency (understanding how automated decisions are made) and reflections on the usefulness of maintaining a consent-based model.

These are three examples of jurisdictions that are actively pursuing more progressive privacy laws.

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In common law systems, personal property may also be called chattels or personalty.

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