Powerpoint date and time not updating

Is there a way to add date of the last slide change to powerpoint? The date as offered by powerpoint can be fixed or auto-updated, but this updates at each printig/opening. Date and time stamps may just be one of the most underrated things in a document.We tend to overlook when a letter or statement was written and pay more close attention to when it was sent.Constantly glancing at a clock on a wall or at your watch to keep up with the time can be distracting and possibly come off as rude during a presentation.Keep your eyes on the presentation and remain focused by inserting a clock in your presentation. The first is using a built-in Power Point function that allows you to unobtrusively show the time and date in the presentation.

This is much easier than remembering to update it manually yourself.

The time and date that appears is the same as your system’s clock, so make sure it’s set correctly.

As we said earlier, several different websites provide flash-based clocks that you can use for your presentation.

If you’d like to leave this off of the title slide, simply check the box next to “Don’t show on title slide.” Once you’re ready, click “Apply to all” to insert the clock on all your slides.

You’ll now see date/time variation you selected appear at the bottom left of the presentation.

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Once you’re there, you’ll find a large gallery of different clocks to choose from, ranging from analog to digital, and even antique. Once you find one, click the “HTML Tag Code” link found above the clock. Highlight and copy everything from through .swf, as shown in the image below.

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