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can the client itself provide the dns updates the ways it is configured now will that work ??While the main purpose of the Domain Name System is to point domains to IP addresses, a PTR record works in the opposite way - it associates an IP with a domain name.The zone transfer is configured and added DC IP but forwarding is not enabled ...also on DC the zone is not enabled and now it is secondary zone and we cannot see any dynamic records in secondary DNS i.e Microsoft dns Plz advise what is the best option to configure to get the ddns ..In some cases, that may be the same folks who handle your DNS, but the point is that it is not necessarily so: you may have no control over this whatsoever. If you don't have a PTR record, and can't get one (for example because you have a dynamic address), you will want to send outgoing email through a server that does.Your INCOMING server doesn't need a PTR record - you can use a dynamically assigned IP address for a mail server as long as you have some way of updating your MX record when your IP changes.

The IP addresses used on a Cloud or a Dedicated server are reserved for that particular server, and since you will be the sole occupant, they can be linked to your domains.But the PTR record isn't up to them, it's up to the ISP that "owns" the IP block it came from.They are the ones who need to create the PTR record.There are two other DNS records that can be helpful in getting your mail through: Caller-ID and SPF.These are records you can add to your own d NS and they help prevent people masquerading as your mail server.

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