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Become an Aleteia Patron today for as little as a month. The Shroud of Turin is a linen wrapping cloth that appears to possess the image of Jesus Christ.Many specialists now hope to organize new tests on the shroud, Casabianca said.The French researcher said this discovery was “part of my journey of conversion, which was accelerated especially when I realized that the ‘science’ and the truths proclaimed by the Catholic religion were not in conflict, but strengthened.” “With this discovery, I am happy to be able to show why Christians should not be afraid of science,” he said. The study of the shroud of Turin can be part of an apologetic movement that has profoundly changed so many lives—and my life—but still remains unknown in France.In recent discussions on the possible authenticity of the Turin Shroud (Sox 1981: Meacham 1983: Jumper et al 1984), the question of the value of C-14 dating persistently recurs.Virtually all researchers agree that the test should be performed; sufficiently small samples can now be measured so that the appearance of the relic is not altered.

“Three laboratories performed a radiocarbon analysis of the Turin Shroud,” according to Casabianca.

It is therefore impossible to conclude that the shroud of Turin dates from the Middle Ages,” Casabianca explained in an interview with a website called L’Homme Nouveau.

Casabianca said his work will help find answers beyond the research of the American chemist Raymond N.

The age-old controversy over the Shroud of Turin continues.

One side stands by a 1988 radiocarbon dating that proves the shroud came from the Middle Ages, not the time of Christ’s crucifixion, while believers continue to defend the Shroud as an authentic relic.

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