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Lots of hot girls, but they seem to be hard to find unless you are willing to go out after 10pm on a Friday or Saturday night.

I think that the cons of Richmond are that it's not a megacity like DC, and so the eligible singles, whether it be hot girls or those of us who are eligible bachelors, don't really have a place to meet one another outside of the nightlife scene.

I've still yet to make my trip up, but it's on my shortlist of places to move to as I like what I'm seeing in the architecture and winter temperatures department.

Ever notice how lots of people "have heard" this or that about Meetup?

The pros are that there's a fairly wide array of going out options for singles, from restaurants to breweries to clubs, and the city is set up in a way that the nightlife is concentrated in a few parts of the city that are easily accessible from the interstate and/or where there are lots of apartments for singles looking to live close to the fun stuff.

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Truth be told I've never met anyone who has successfully used it for anything.

According to my friends who are both familiar with the DC area and Richmond say Richmond is better (friendlier, better looking girls, etc.), but lacks the variety/international flavor you find in DC.

So if you're in bed by 11pm on most nights because you're in your 30s and are over the nightlife scene, you're stuck going to Meetups and other events to try to meet others like you.

There isn't a Richmond version of Dupont Circle where hot young singles just lounge during the day hoping to catch each other's eye.

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