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Every time I'd come in, she'd seem thrilled to see me.

But then again, she seemed that excited to see everyone.

She stayed local for school, while I went away to Syracuse.

After college, I moved back home for a few months, then moved again for a new job.

but that was about it.)Now, it's worth mentioning, though we never actually hung out (in or out of school), our social circles did sort of orbit one another.

I truly don't remember much else of our conversation at the bar, which then moved to a fried chicken place, and the car on the way back to my friend's apartment to have another beer… But in my exhausted, drunk state, I felt rambling on and on would be the best course of action.Here's a plot line for you: 10 years after graduating from high school, a guy returns home for the holidays and visits a local bar where he finds and reconnects with his high school crush. If you've seen the movie "Can't Hardly Wait," this girl was my Jennifer Love Hewitt. ), was on the cheerleading team (for at least one year) and most importantly, nearly all the guys I knew had a crush on her.As it turns out, she's also had feelings for him the whole time, and poof! She was friendly and bubbly and polite, blonde-haired and good-looking and had a last name close to mine — which meant two things: shared homeroom and locker proximity, son!She sat down opposite me in the free chair and made small talk with us as I fumbled with my silverware and tried to shout something funny every so often. I couldn't bear to have them around for the polite dismissal I was sure was coming my way."So…" I began, "we're going to get going," I said, watching her smile at me and clean up the glasses in front of her.“I figured that, you know, because you paid your check and the boys left,” she said, still smiling."Yeah, that would make sense, then. and you know, you should come and join us if you can, you know, when you're done here… if you want.""I'll let you know, but I'm not sure when I'm getting out of here," she said. Thirty minutes later, she was looking for a parking spot at the bar.As soon as she left to go back behind the bar for even a moment, a debriefing began."There's no fucking way this is going to work," I told my friends."How do you know that? Which, hey, I took as a win considering that anything other than "I hate you. And that's when I began to sweat more than I ever have in my life.

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