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I have yet to master the art of ignoring men on the street without being rude.I want to be culturally sensitive and greet people, but at the same time, I don’t want to get caught up in a longer conversation, which usually leads to most men asking for my phone number.First it’s important to realize that being married at 20 here, especially in the rural areas, is completely normal.

Like most Sahelian countries, Senegal has an important livestock sector that periodically is decimated by drought.

Beautiful Senegal Girls represent beautiful, nice, good-looking, sweet and pretty persons that live in Senegal.

If we call somebody beautiful - it means that this person have some special appearance and mostly liked by other people.

The largest single ethnic group is the Wolof, who makes up over one-third of the population.

Although French is the official language, it is spoken only by an educated minority, and Wolof has become a lingua franca towns and markets, schools, and interethnic marriages. Animals, songs, flags, and colors have served as national symbols since before independence.

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