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Unfortunately, my mother didn’t know enough to look for the cap iron and blade, and I’m betting there might be more maker info stamped on either of them.

I plan to rummage around in their garage soon to see if I can find those two pieces.

4”, “Bailey” or Stanley” markings on the base or the lever cap.

The area where the frog attaches to is an “H” shape.

As I was taking it apart, there were a couple of wood shavings under the frog. Mike -- ...straight lines or tight lines, either will make me happy!

Muddler ebanista – the break in the tote is a little jagged, but I was considering just using TB3 like you said.

On that rasied area that the frog attaches to is a “C 73”, on the back of the frog is a “C 44”, and on the back of the lever cap is a “C 116”.

There is no raised lip around where the front knob is seated.

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The adjusting nut looks to be steel rather than brass.

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