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Time to drown your sorrows in a nice, cold Bud Light.

In a move Andy Warhol would have absolutely loved, then re-appropriated into his own pop art masterpiece, Burger King’s Super Bowl spot was actual footage of Andy Warhol calmly eating a Whopper, captured in the early 1980s by Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth for his project 66 Scenes in America.

It’s that time of year again—the Super Bowl is upon us.

And that means that once again, it’s time for Adweek’s Super Bowl LIII Ad Tracker, your go-to spot for all things advertising in the build-up to the Big Game.

As network TV seems to wither on the vine, one thing is for certain: The Super Bowl remains an evening of programming that advertisers can count on to bring in millions of eyes.

We’ve come a long way from Farrah Fawcett and quarterback Joe Namath looking hot and selling shaving cream, but the spirit of celebrity and unexpected collaboration remains ever present in “big game” ads.

those plastic things that go in your car so the carpet doesn’t get wet comes a new pet bowl.

At least cute animals are involved (spoiler: so is paw-recognition technology).

The 71-measurement scoring system assesses components such as the set-up of the commercials, their value proposition, positioning, and execution.CBS is charging north of million for a 30-second spot in the game this year, which is comparable to last year’s numbers: NBC also priced half-minute spots at over million in 2017 (though they also offered a bundle deal with the Winter Olympics that, of course, won’t be an option this time around).Below, you can check up on all the latest Super Bowl news with a search by brand, category, or chronologically. Smart companies do more than chase cheap laughs and passing trends on Super Bowl Sunday, according to Dan Granger, CEO and founder of Los Angeles ad agency Oxford Road, which has worked with clients such as Hulu, Lyft, Blue Apron, Dollar Shave Club, Ring, and Zip Recruiter.Granger measures what he considers to be the best and worst Super Bowl ads from an investment standpoint.

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