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The connection handle may then be used to validate packets received by the host stack module based on a comparison between the stored connection handle and information in each of the packets.

In particular, each valid packet may include a number frames and a first frame of the packet includes the connection handle.

The procedures presented herein are not inherently related to a particular computer or other apparatus.

Various general -purpose machines may be used with programs written in accordance with the teachings herein, or it may prove convenient to construct more specialized apparatus to perform the required method.

Thus, the host stack module may read information in first frame of a received packet, compare it with the stored connection handle, and determine if there is a match.

If a first frame does not contain the connection handle, an error may have occurred, the packet may be out of sync, and the packet will not be validated.

Thus, a need exists to quickly detect packet errors and to validate packets communicated in accordance with Bluetooth®. 1A illustrates an exemplary embodiment of a system. IB illustrates an exemplary embodiment of a computing device. FIG 8 illustrates an exemplary embodiment of a first computing architecture.

The intention is to cover all modifications, equivalents, and alternatives consistent with the claimed subject matter. 1A illustrates an exemplary embodiment of a system 100 for processing information including one or more voice packets.Computing system 100 includes a computing device 105, coupled with a server 170 and peripheral devices 160-1, 160-2 and 160-3.Computing device 105 may be any type of computer or processing device including a personal computer, desktop computer, tablet computer, netbook computer, notebook computer, laptop computer, a mobile computing device, a mobile telephone device, a smartphone device, a personal digital assistant device (PDA), a cellular device, and so forth.In the following description, for purposes of explanation, numerous specific details are set forth in order to provide a thorough understanding thereof.It may be evident, however, that the novel embodiments can be practiced without these specific details.

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