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Alcala fled his apartment when the police arrived and remained a fugitive for years afterward.He moved to New York and used the alias John Berger to enroll in film school at New York University where, ironically enough, he studied under Roman Polanski.With a little conversation and a few leading questions, this classic mega-hit puts the fun back into dating!But at that very moment, he was keeping a deadly secret: he was an unrepentant serial killer.

That’s right; an actual serial killer was on the show.

After being recognized thanks to an FBI poster, Alcala was finally identified as the perpetrator in the rape and attempted murder of Tali Shapiro.

He was arrested in 1971, but only sent to prison on charges of assault (Shapiro’s family kept her from testifying, making a rape conviction unattainable).

But he wouldn’t stay on the straight and narrow for long.

Like many serial killers, Rodney Alcala had a style.

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