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3D Seabed Model Navi-Fisher 3000 incorporates a realistic 3D seabed model based on the original electronic chart data and, optionally, on the user's additional information.

The 3D model is displayed in a dedicated window and shows the seabed profile either under the ownship symbol or under the coordinate center of the chart screen.

Track storing With Navi-Fisher 3000, advanced facilities are provided to record, store and obtain information on the following types of tracks: Essentially, the color of Primary and Secondary tracks can be either set manually by the user, or automatically depending on the outside water temperature or depth.

Creating Fishing Plotter Boards To manually edit the electronic chart in the Add_Info mode, the user can choose from an extensive Symbol library incorporated in the system and add selected symbols or comments on to the chart in a variety of colors.

Any Add_Info symbol can be promptly accessed using the Hot Key function.

Radar Integrator ensures the following: Integrated Information from Navtex Navi-Fisher 3000 automatically reads off messages supplied by the Navtex system, processes them, extracts coordinates, area, transmitting station, topic and other parameters; saves the message to the disk and displays the message mark on the electronic chart immediately after its reception.

The automatic alarm is activated upon entry in to the zone received from the Navtex receiver, or at the approach to a single message mark.

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The program is fully compatible with all ECS and ECDIS that support the S-63 1.1 data format.

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