Updating database asp

Try adding "cache: false" to your $.ajax() call inside get All Messages() javascript function and Also add attribute [Output Cache(Duration = 0)] to public Action Result Get Messages() in Home Controller. While working with the EF Core Code-First approach, we create the classes for our domain entities first.

Let’s open the SQL Server management studio and verify that the record is created in the Hope you enjoyed the article. If you have enjoyed reading this article and if you would like to receive the notifications about the freshly published .

So to avoid this I update the Messages Repository to static and avoid new subscriptions, when a refresh occurs.

Something like this(you have to adapt to your code): Hi, This might be late reply to your question but just in case it might help you or anyone else.

Following the article linked above, let’s create a new project called Our next step is to add Code-First Migrations.

Migrations automate the creation of database based on our Model.

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