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From the largest global manufacturing enterprises with complex multisite needs to smaller, single-site organizations, Infor LN is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that features capabilities designed to meet the unique business requirements of manufacturers.Infor LN offers fast and cost-effective deployment with integration on the shop floor and across the supply chain with financials, quality management, service management, order management, and business partners.You can insert the required picture into the result of the conditional field directly and that will work also.

The results of the conditional field are hard coded into the merge, which does not provide the opportunity to update, following a merge to a new document. Thus conventional wisdom would suggest that: should insert the picture identified from the mergefield 'Fieldname' and nothing when the field is empty. The following workaround demonstrates the insertion of a blank image where the condition is not met (save e.g.

Technology trends are constantly changing, but here are few key things that in my opinion diminished the x Base market: d BASE IV: d BASE IV was a buggy disaster, and it was two years before they released version 1.1.

The suit was dropped when Borland bought Ashton-Tate, but it could not have inspired confidence in the x Base market.

They had no DBMS, and their partnership with Ashton-Tate failed to get Microsoft SQL Server off the ground.

Some of the marketing types at MS realized that Fox Pro was the best version of X-Base out there, and had been trying to talk Bill Gates into doing something about it.

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Microsoft was working on its Access DBMS which uses a modern variant of the BASIC language.

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