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(This kernel also supports 2GB of RAM.) They have served me well for several months until I sold my 701.

bz2 (Size: 1607016; Date: 2008-11-26, CET) Intended as a testcase to show the speedup of the Eee PC 900A when freed of its slow SSD, it also suits the purpose of running a test installation, etc.

Change the Lin DVD startup-script /opt/lindvd/lindvd to: (added parts are in red) SLART is a little tool collecion for audio files.

It's core component is Partyman, a double-deck-like audio player.

It is done without any elf tools, just by a simple binary search and replace. It works for me, as I just watched a You Tube Clip with a patched plugin on my Eee PC 901 running Asus/Xandros Linux.

flash10patcher-0.2bz2 (Size: 4954; Date: 2008-11-29, CET) The Lin DVD software included with my Eee PCs had dropouts when playing a DVD.

It was also tested on a 901 and worked there as expected.

Installation is easy: I compiled the source for d1x-rebirth for the Linux Asus supplies with the Eee PC. For installation download the supplied executable, unpack it with "bzip2 -d" copy it to /usr/local/bin and set the executable flags. d1x-rebirth-gl.bz2 (Size: 323879; Date: 2008-02-11, CET) When you want to install Firefox 3 on the Eee PC you'll it won't let you start, because the gtk 2.8 libraries are too old.

The good part is that they are all free and can be easily downloaded and installed.

With netbooks not really impressing in terms of performance levels these days and browsing being one of the most common activities we do on these mini laptops, there’s a common debate on which is the best browser to use on a netbook.

I for one can’t actually say there’s a best one for everyone, but definitely there are some better than other.

For a standard user, Chrome would be just perfect, being the fastest and most reliable.

For a power-user migrating from a laptop/desktop, Firefox is still probably the best solution as it has all those customization options.

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