Updating iphone calendar

This procedure has been recommended by Apple Technical Support. Reconnect to i Cloud calendars Once the "Turning Off Calendars" status has disappeared, turn the "Calendars" switch ON again: Once the "Turning On Calendars" status has disappeared, everything will be back to normal and you will be connected with i Cloud as you were before.It does no harm to your other calendars or to i Cloud. Disconnect from i Cloud calendars In the Settings app, go to "i Cloud", find the "Calendars" switch, and set it to OFF. But the Universalis Automatic calender will now be in i Cloud too, and will be visible in the Calendar app.

It takes between 5 and 10 seconds, so if you turn Universalis Automatic ON and then leap immediately into the Calendar app to see the results, don't be surprised if you don't see them just yet.

The Universalis Automatic calendar will then be visible.

Next, you re-connect the calendars to i Cloud, and from then on everything will work normally.

If you don't see events appearing in the Calendar app, or if you see those events but they appear to belong to a calendar other than Universalis Automatic, you have come across a bug in Apple's Calendar app when it is used with i Cloud.

See Curing the Apple Calendar Bug for how to sort this out.

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