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The screen is a solid piece of glass so the entire screen moves under pressure but the unique design gives the sensory illusion that the specific key was pushed.There is a satisfying, audible click associated with depressing a key.Vodafone has started pushing OS through to customers via Black Berry Desktop Manager since yesterday and while it's only a Desktop Manager install at this time the post of the installable file has to come soon.If you are a Vodafone customer you can grab the update now and if you're not, just sit tight till the install file shows up for download.That is a major step up from the mild vibration felt when pressing a haptic feedback touchscreen or no tactile feedback at all as featured on many currently available touchscreens.Double tapping will zoom in on an image and swiping the finger across the screen will scroll.In portrait mode, the keyboard display is Sure Type, the two letters per key, predictive text mode that some people love and some hate. Corporate and Personal Email Integration Black Berry’s reputation was built on being the consummate corporate communication tool and the Storm in no way abandons that legacy.

When in landscape mode, there is a full QWERY virtual keyboard.A light touch highlights a selection while a firmer one activates an action such as pushing a key.The screen is on a unique suspension system that depresses slightly.Black Berry Storm 9530The Black Berry Storm is the first entry by smartphone leader Black Berry into the world of touchscreens.Black Berry’s claim to fame has always been its exceptional mobile email functionality and manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) has steadfastly insisted that a physical keyboard is best suited for typing.

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