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Wang of Forrester, who attributes Douyin’s success to a truly mobile-led era in which 79 percent of shoppers buy on their cellphone. In three months, and with 47 video posts, the channel now has more than 208,000 followers.

“Douyin also has powerful machine learning capabilities, which means it continuously pushes content it knows the viewer will like, keeping them hooked.”A STAR Michael Kors was the first international label to debut on the platform. The retail app, which began as a platform for review and discussion of products purchased abroad, says that trust is at the heart of what it promotes.

The platform is popular with Generation Z, those younger than 24, but that youthful mass audience hasn’t deterred fashion and luxury brands from creating official accounts.

“The young are the ones who dare to spend in China,” said Ms.

Live streaming has become a crucial component of Weibo’s offerings (the platform just acquired its live-streaming partner, Yizhibo) and is a major tool for K. CONTENT Primarily a messenger app, We Chat can be used to do everything from hailing a cab to booking a hospital appointment — and payments can be made by We Chat Pay.

The two giants JD and Alibaba dominate e-commerce in China, with more than 80 percent of the market share.

INTRODUCED 1998USAGE 314 million active monthly users CONTENT JD operates the same business model as Amazon, acting as a direct retailer that controls the entire logistical chain of stock and distribution.

But We Chat is a closed platform and account holders can see only what their friends post, which means brands can interact with subscribers on a personalized level.

José Neves, founder of the e-tailer Farfetch, said at The New York Times International Luxury Conference last week in Hong Kong that, for a brand, “the first and foremost platform for your direct presence as a brand in China is We Chat.” The platform’s Mini Programs, third-party “apps” that run in We Chat without requiring downloads, increased to more than one million in 2018, used by brands such as Burberry, H&M, Dior and Longchamp. Bags, the 26-year-old Tao Liang, has more than 4.6 million Weibo followers and 870,000 followers on his We Chat public account.

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A STAR The Swiss watch company Audemars Piguet is one of a host of brands, including Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Mc Queen, that have signed onto the platform.

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