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Gale Morgan Harold is an American actor and a reputed personality.

Harold worked for several jobs including construction, bartender, waiter and apprentice motorcycle mechanic, and restorer.

His friend, Susan Landau, daughter of actor, Martin Landau, suggested him try acting in 1997.

He has other roles in many series such as Deadwood, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and The Secret Circle..

She had modeled for several men's magazines, such as Modern Man, Man's Delight and High Society, during 1970s.

Femme Fatales magazine ranked her No.1 of Sci-Fi's Sexiest B-Queens, in the year 1997.

However, they broke up after staying in the relation for few years.

Harold dated, a stunning, Danielle Saklofsky after a breakup with his previous girlfriend. They had a tough break-up with each obtaining a restraining order against each other.

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