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Although he never fully abandoned his scientific and mathematical interests, after his uncanny “Night of Fire” (the intense mystical illumination and midnight conversion that he experienced on the evening of November 23, 1654), Pascal turned his talents almost exclusively to religious writing.It was during the period from 1656 until his death in 1662 that he wrote the Lettres Provinciales and the Pensées.

The Pensées is a posthumously published collection of unfinished notes for what was intended to be a systematic apologia for the Christian religion. Krailsheimer Pascal’s life has stirred the same fascination and generated as much lively discussion and learned commentary as his writings.

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Despite chronic ill health, Pascal made historic contributions to mathematics and to physical science, including both experimental and theoretical work on hydraulics, atmospheric pressure, and the existence and nature of the vacuum.

As a scientist and philosopher of science, Pascal championed strict empirical observation and the use of controlled experiments; he opposed the rationalism and logico-deductive method of the Cartesians; and he opposed the metaphysical speculations and reverence for authority of the theologians of the Middle Ages.

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Blaise Pascal was born on June 19, 1623, in Clermont (now Clermont-Ferrand) in the Auvergne region of central France.

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