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By October they won the DSW Tag Team Championship from The Untouchables (Dice Domino and Deuce Shade) and held them until the end of November, losing them to Urban Assault (Eric Pérez and Sonny Siaki).

After the titles were vacated in the following year, they became two-time champions defeating the new team of Siaki and Afa, Jr (The Samoan Swat Team) and The Blue Bloods (William Regal and Dave Taylor).

Not so much that as soon as you walk into my house, it’s proudly on display. Zack Ryder: I have always been someone who dreamt big, kind of like Luke Skywalker. What I mainly collect is the Power of the Force and the 6-inch Black Series. Star Wars.com: You need to listen to that Palpatine voice in your head that just says . Because if I build this thing, I’m going to have to go get the Vintage Collection figures that fit in it. But when he has to kick some ass, don’t get in his way. Yes, the Power of the Force figures will technically be in scale, but they’re not the proper figures to be inside. Star Wars.com: Let’s say Curt turns to the dark side. Born Matthew Brett Cardona, he won a WWE Tag Team Championship with his partner in crime, Curt Hawkins.He started out as a wrestler in New York named Brett Matthews, but changed his name to Zack Ryder in 2007.

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