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In fact last year, ' Dana Scully character to be "one of TV's greatest feminist role models." Men, women—everyone loves her!

And perhaps it's because even though she is the pinnacle of beauty and talent, she is very open with the fact that she has lived a less-than-perfect and storied life.

Despite the chemistry that these actors had onscreen, they didn't always get along behind the scenes.

Rumor has it that once the cameras stopped rolling, these pairs of co-stars didn't even pretend to like one another.

Although she was an Illinois baby, Anderson and her parents soon ended up in London for nearly a decade, where her father attended the London School of Film Technique. "In my mind, [London] was home," she told , Anderson explains why she was voted "most likely to be arrested" in high school, and why that prediction ended up coming true: "I got my nose pierced and I started to shave my head and dye my hair and wear a lot of black. I was a bit of a class clown, usually the one that people would get to do the things that they were afraid to get in trouble for. She elaborates: "And, in fact, on graduation night, I was arrested . And lo and behold, they had a security guard because it was graduation night and they were concerned that idiots like me might try and do something like that." Maybe it's because she lived a varied, imperfect life as a teenager (let's face it, she wasn't exactly America's sweetheart back then) that she's able to play complicated characters now with such believability. Her education and most of her experience was in stage acting, having attended the BFA program in acting at De Paul University in Chicago, and she loved the "'moment to moment' focus that takes place in live theatre.

Fans may remember a series of early episodes where Scully wore a lot of giant clothes, and looked a bit rounder than usual.

"The contrivance gave Anderson space for an abbreviated maternity leave (just for a single episode, '3')," Inspired by Anderson's need for a short maternity leave, producers and writers came up with the idea that Scully should be abducted by aliens, which ended up sparking a major storyline that drove the plot during the entire rest of the show, and provided a reason why she didn't appear in several episodes.

"My feet were swelling and I was exhausted, sleeping between scenes," Anderson is quoted as saying on her PR website.

They ended up attempting to conceal her pregnancy with some fancy shooting angles and some baggy trench coats, and it's debatable whether or not this tactic worked.

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